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The students different universities have successfully completed their studies at UMTE in frames of academic mobility

11 students different universities located in Belgium, Germany, Italy and Netherlands have successfully completed their studies at Saint-Petersburg University of Management Technologies and Economics in frames of academic mobility.
The students were not only assisting classes on various major subjects of their choice, but they were also studying Russian at the Institute of International programs of UMTE and participating in entertaining students events at the university. One student of UNINT University (Italy) Matteo Falcioni triumphantly performed at the students festival Kaleidoscope and the New Years concert. Another student the same Italian University Lorenzo Maria Nati has gain the main prize of the competition Mister University.
In the whole, international students stayed happy with their experience in Saint-Petersburg and their choice of the university. They have not only acquiredvaluable academic knowledge but also lived real students life full of joy and performance at one of the best private universities of Russia.

Markus Voigt, Otto von Guericke Universität Magdeburg, Germany

The Studies at the University were interesting and we learned an about how Russian students study for example that its crucial in Russian Universities to show much respect to the Teacher/Professor and in general it is a System students are treated more personal than in Germany because you usually talk to your professor face to face and do not only write an exam in his/her course as it is in Germany. The content of the Lecture was easier than the one in Germany but we still learned many things by writing essays about certain topics and by doing tasks during the class. We hade a lot of classes were we would observe current economic situations which made studies feel more exciting because of its relatedness to reality. In general the teachers were very fair with the grade giving. It was also interesting to see that there is not a guideline for what will make up the finale grade but Every teacher had his/her own way of creating the final mark. Our Counselors gave us a great introduction and got all the organizational matters like visa, confirmation of arrival, and the learning agreement done fairly quickly and in time. This was very helpful and took a lot of work from us that we would other wise have dealt with on our own. The Classmates were a little bit shy probably because of the language barrier and because we were an little older than them but through group work and because we all usually had the same classes together we then got to know each other little bit better. The Russian students were usually very interested never the less in getting to know us and were very polite so the climate in the class was nice.

Besides the University I also got to know some Russians through the Russian speaking club in Saint- Petersburg. The one friend introduced me then to many other people and i could learn a bit about the mentality of the country and got to know many people and to see many places which was really interesting. The city in general is really beautiful and mostly very well structured which made the stay in general quite comfortable. Only the weather of course is almost not bearable at the end of January. What fascinated me also about the University was that they have some times during the Semester a big concert Students perform on the stage. They make dances, little acts or sing or play songs. This adds to the whole University a sense of familiarity which makes it feel less foreign and less like just an learning institution. What I also liked was the "" inside the University that made it very easy to relax a bit during classes and have conversations and the food there was pretty good too. Another benefit of studying at UMTE was that the University is located more or less in the center of the city which is great because the time everyday to go there did not take very long. I think the University did a great Job supporting me in all bureaucratic questions and was also very reliable supporting me in my studies. I learned a lot about the Russian teaching of economics and of economics itself. Thereby I want to thank everyone especially Veronica Konstantinova and my Teachers for making this ex such a great experience. We will keep in touch.

Lorenzo Maria Nati, UNINT University, Italy

Certainly St. Petersburg University of Management Technologies and Economics is one of the best choices in terms of organization, qualification of teachers and professionalism.
When Iarrived to St. Petersburg the university gave me all the necessary information and support to organize the main things, such as accommodation, visa procedures and explanation of how the courses are structured.
The international students are followed by the international coordinator Veronika Konstantinova and her collaborators, very kind people that are available every time you need.
The teachers are qualified and willing to any clarification about the program and the lessons activities.
The university also organizes internal events such as concerts and performances the students can participate and demonstrate their skills.
I suggest to every student who wants to undertake an experience abroad, especially in St. Petersburg, to choose this university because it gives you the possibility to discover and understand Russian culture, thanks to a good integration with local students, and learn a lot about the subjects with the well-structured courses.
What to say about the city? Simply amazing!

Matteo Falcioni, UNINT University, Italy

The Saint-Petersburg University of Management Technologies and Economics offered me the chance to spend an entire semester studying at their university. The experience has been absolutely priceless and positive under every aspect. Starting from the preparation to it, the staff has been kind and available to clarify all the doubts and difficulties, providing all the information needed for a perfect stay at their university and their city. The city itself offers a lot of things to visit and to experience. The beauty of its palaces and the majesty of its churches, especially when they are covered with snow, create a fairytale environment that will stay imprint on your mind for the rest of your life. I also had the chance to visit some other cities of this country, like Volgograd, Novgorod and Murmansk and Moscow. The help received by the staff of the international office in organizing these trips, giving us all the information about the places, the best transportations and the documents needed to travel has been really helpful and appreciated.
The university offers a nice approach to the Russian educational system, giving you the chance to experience directly what is like to be a Russian student giving the opportunity to follow the lessons together with real Russian students. The teachers are all qualified and they all provide the information needed to overcome all the difficulties that may occur in the study of their subject.
A lot of events take place in this university, events to which I had the chance to take part in directly. The Student Festival, Mister University and The New Years Concert are just some of them.
This experience has left something undeletable in my mind and my formation, both educational and personal, that I highly recommend to everyone!

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