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It is our great pleasure to invite you to the International Week hosted by the Institute of International programs, which will be held on 20 – 24 March, 2017.

During this week you will have a possibility:

  • to get practical information about international programs and student ex mobility,
  • to visit the lecture of foreign professors,
  • to become a member of the international organization AIESEC,
  • to purchase an ISIC student card etc.

20.03. International day of happiness. Special program for 1st year students of the Institute of International Programs
21.03. (13:50-15:20)  – Student ex experience Presentation
22.03. (9:00-11:30)    – Meeting with Kajaani University of Applied Sciences  
23.03. (11:40-15:20)  – ISIC presentation
24.03. (13:50-15:20)  – AIESEC presentation
Working language: Russian / English
International Office:

  • 44 Lermontovsky prospect, Room 554
  • Phone: +7 (812) 313- 02-43
  • e-mail:

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TUAS senior lecturer Prof. Juhana Lounela visited UMTE on February, 9, 2017 to discuss the development plan of the «Innovation project». During his visit Prof. Lounela met with the Head of the International Office Ksenia Nagornaya and Senior Specialist Ekaterina Riabinina. Nowadays UMTE collaborate with TUAS in many project and ex programs. The «Innovation project» is the new step of partnership between universities. The idea is to gathering UMTE and TUAS students to develop business life of the future. Innovation project is a cooperation project offering students the possibility to develop solutions for the business.  During the course students will work in 4-6 persons groups on concentrating issues like marketing communication, leadership of future or innovative future processes at the selected business area (real company assignments).  The purpose of the project is:

  • to work in international group with Russian and Finnish students,
  • to provide students experience of innovate product/service for the Russian/Finnish company,
  • to deepen collaboration between two universities,
  • to work in accordance of project and innovation pedagogy, to provide Russian students experience of learning without lectures and exams.

Juhana Lounela has been involved on this kind of courses in Finland since 2009. The idea and concept of the course has been mentioned regional strategy of South-Western Finland.
Prof. Lounela has long experience on working in Russia and he will visit UMTE for the second FIRST teaching session with TUAS international students in April. Parties will discuss the detailed plan of the intensive course including students, dates and practical arrangements. This kind of joint course would be necessary to support and deepen collaboration at educational field.

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11 students different universities located in Belgium, Germany, Italy and Netherlands have successfully completed their studies at Saint-Petersburg University of Management Technologies and Economics in frames of academic mobility.
The students were not only assisting classes on various major subjects of their choice, but they were also studying Russian at the Institute of International programs of UMTE and participating in entertaining students’ events at the university. One student of UNINT University (Italy) Matteo Falcioni triumphantly performed at the students’ festival Kaleidoscope and the New Year’s concert. Another student the same Italian University Lorenzo Maria Nati has gain the main prize of the competition Mister University.
In the whole, international students stayed happy with their experience in Saint-Petersburg and their choice of the university. They have not only acquiredvaluable academic knowledge but also lived real students’ life full of joy and performance at one of the best private universities of Russia.

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On November, 2 2016 Saint-Petersburg University of Management Technologies and Economics welcomed the international students and lecturers of Kajaani University of Applied Sciences. During the visit UMTE and Kajaani UAS students took part in the seminar «Intercultural Communication – «Cultural Briefing». Cultural briefing is the process of finding out about another culture, especially in preparation for a period of residence, a business trip or a longer holiday. Students got a task: Imagine that the international students need to prepare for a 6-month work practice in Russia, St. Petersburg. The Russian students are there to give them the basic cultural info they should know before the practice period.  Also Kajaani UAS guests visited the Baltika Brewery. Visiting the company is all about getting a better insight of the factory processes of a manufacturing company and how it works in Russia.

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On September, 2 2016 Saint-Petersburg Academic University welcomed the Dean of the Faculty for Economics and Business Administration of the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt (FHWS) Prof. Dr. Harald J. Bolsinger with the lecture on topic: «Values and Their Management ( the Field of Business Ethics) ». The lecture was held for the students of the Institute of International Programs.
The main task was the values the field of business ethics. Students tried to ask the questions: what are values? Why values are important? How do values grow? How do I argue with values in a business context? Professor Bolsinger paid special attention to the various approaches of different nationalities in understanding of values.

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August 7-21 the St. Petersburg Academic University has successfully held the second Summer Business School "Doing Business and Investment in Russia". The twoweeks of lectures and workshops provide the unique opportunity to focus on the culture and economics of Russia and foreign countries. This year students came Austria, Belarus, Belgium, England, Holland, Kazakhstan, Russia and Finland.

Students immediately plunged into more than an intensive process after arrival: the classes were held 10:00 to 15:00, and the evening program was supplemented by excursions to the historical places of St. Petersburg and its suburbs, brewery "Baltika" and the Mariinsky Theatre visit.
On the last day of the school, the organizers distributed a short questionnaire asking to rate the school. Participants shared their impressions:
«The Programme was set up really good with enough free time and enough cultural activities. The experience I got is very helpful for me to broaden my horizon», - student of the Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Holland.

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On August 7, 2016 launched a summer business school «Doing Business and Investment in Russia» St. Petersburg Academic University.
During the first weekstudents from 8 countries attended lectures by leading professors of the Saint-Petersburg Academic University about the features of Russian culture and language.
Lecturer  of the  Faculty of "International Finance and Accounting" Anna Koltsinahosted a lecture series entitled “Intercultural Communication”, Anna stood in greater detail in the culture of business communication in Russia and in foreign countries, Triandiscultural syndromes and sign language. Since the objective of the course is to create a tolerant society, Anna spent a little game training, aimed at creating a tolerant society. As the final work students were invited to participate in group work. The aim of the teamwork was to present the concept of their own culture and to find similarities with the concept of Russian culture. Also, students attended classes of lecturers of the Faculty of  "International Finance and Accounting" Deborah Ajayi and Ekaterina Y. Litau.

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I want to dedicate this post to the Saint-Petersburg Academic University, or more precisely the ex study period 2015/2016. My name is Richard, I'm from Latvia. Though my alma mater is in Finland, namely the TurkuUniversity of Applied Sciences, I was pleased to be able to come to the “Double Degree Diploma” program and spend an academic year at SAU.
In 2014, Turku University of Applied Sciencesreached an Agreement on the program of“Double Degree Diploma” with SAU. I was immediately informed about that news. My first visit to Saint-Petersburg was in 2011 and I promised myself to come back to this city. I had no doubt in choosing the place of ex study among more than 100 universities around the world.
I would like to underline the assistance of the International Office during my ex. During the application period the International Relation Managers provided me with the necessary information both on visa issues and other moments before and after arrival.
I had a support and the importance and necessity of my staying at the university. I will recommend this university tostudents from Finland.

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Summer Business School «DOING BUSINESS AND INVESTMENT IN RUSSIA» is held August 7-21, 2016 at the Saint-Petersburg Academic University. This year participants come Austria, England, Belgium, Holland, Kazakhstan and Finland.

The purpose of the Program (entirely in English) is to introduce students to the constituent elements of Russian and European Economics, Management, Marketing, and Culture. It also offers a comprehensive panorama of the Russian Federation and its institutions.

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On July 27 – August 5, 2015 Saint-Petersburg University of Management and Economics hold the Summer Business School «DOING BUSINESS AND INVESTMENT IN RUSSIA». This year, participants came Armenia, Belgium, Kazakhstan, Russia and Finland.
Every day of the program started with the lectures of the University professors: Galina Getmanova, Andrei Kuiukov and Anigba Hod Kvadzo. During the program students got to know the peculiarities of business culture in Russia, business ethics, economic situation in the country, investment portfolio, domestic and foreign trade of Russia. Apart theoretical classes students were engaged in the teamwork. Every student participated in two projects. In the first project students worked in large groups of 6-7 persons. The task was made in accordance with the theoretical part "business in Russia," students elaborated the financial strategy of the Russian bread company after implantation of new production technologies. In the second project students worked in pairs on the topic: «Development of the business cooperation between Russia and foreign countries.»

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